Nice to meet you, virtually.

My vision is to empower women who want to develop their full potential and who dare to create positive change at home, at work and in the world. 

My approach "Coaching & Revitalization" includes men.

Katerina Kouletaki, ACC ICF, PhD

To empower people I use my 16 years' multicultural business experience, my personal experience about human diversity, my learnings from equicoaching, my sensing and my savoir-être. I am present, empathetic, caring and honest during the coaching journey. I use my creativity and intuition to lead through the coaching process and I adapt to my Coaching Partner's needs.

Coaching boosted me personally during transition times and I have seen how it's transformed other people's lives around me. I believe in the concrete results it can bring in all aspects of life.

I coach in English, French, Spanish and Greek. 

Please, let me introduce myself...

I come from Chania, Crete. The island's rich nature shaped my personality. I lived in Athens for 5 years where I studied English, French and Spanish. My love for languages and my desire to discover other cultures resulted in me moving to the UK with a scholarship from the Greek State. I obtained a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Manchester, Department of Computational Linguistics. I lived in the UK for 13 years. I worked in multinational companies undertaking various roles in SAP training, project coordination and change management. I then moved to Geneva, Switzerland to continue my cultural exploration. I worked in customer service, communications and events organisation. All my life I have observed people and have been fascinated by their power and diversity. Developing myself and boosting people who want to evolve turned into my main focus and passion.  


I am Mentor for Aspire for Equality, UK (voluntary work via skype). I empower women leaders in English and Spanish to further improve their leadership skills, be more strategic and achieve work-life balance. 


  • Certified Professional Coach, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland. Accredited Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Master NLP Practitioner, Yodelei Coaching and Training, Geneva, Switzerland and the NLP University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Reiki Master, Centre d'Etudes et de Formation en Reiki (accredited by A.S.C.A.), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ph.D.: Politeness Issues in Natural Language Generation, University of Manchester, UK (UMIST)
  • M.Sc. in Machine Translation, University of Manchester, UK (UMIST)
  • Ptychion (BA) in English Language and Literature, University of Athens, Greece, School of Philosophy.

Training and Seminars

  • Coaching Teams, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Equicoaching on Presence, Leadership and Intuition, Areion Professional Coaching with Horses
  • Intuition: Making Strategic Decisions, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Intuition: Discover your Personal Myth, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Coaching and Consciousness, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Basics of Chinese Acupuncture, Centre d'Études et de Formation en Reiki, Geneva, Switzerland.


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