Nice to meet you, virtually.

My vision is to empower women who live their own transformation, who want to develop their full potential and who dare to make a difference at home, at work and in the world.

Katerina Kouletaki-Bugeon

To empower people I use my 16 years' multicultural business experience, my personal experience about human diversity, my learnings from equicoaching, my sensing and my savoir-être. I am present, empathetic, caring and honest during the coaching journey. I use my creativity and intuition to lead through the coaching process and I adapt to my Coaching Partner's needs.

Coaching boosted me personally during transition times and I have seen how it's transformed other people's lives around me. I believe in the concrete results it can bring in all aspects of life.

I coach in English, French, Spanish and Greek. 

Please, let me introduce myself...

I come from Chania, Crete. The island's rich nature shaped my personality. I lived in Athens for 5 years where I studied English, French and Spanish. My love for languages and my desire to discover other cultures resulted in me moving to the UK with a scholarship from the Greek State. I obtained a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Manchester, Department of Computational Linguistics. I lived in the UK for 13 years. I worked in multinational companies undertaking various roles in SAP training, project coordination and change management. I then moved to Geneva, Switzerland to continue my cultural exploration. I worked in customer service, communications and events organisation. All my life I have observed people and have been fascinated by their power and diversity. Developing myself and boosting people who want to evolve turned into my main focus and passion.  


I am Coach & Mentor for Aspire for Equality, UK (voluntary work via skype). I empower women leaders in English and Spanish to further improve their leadership skills, be more strategic and achieve work-life balance. 


  • Certified Professional Coach, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland (training program accredited by the International Coach Federation - ICF)
  • NLP Practitioner, Yodelei Coaching and Training, Geneva, Switzerland and the NLP University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Reiki Master, Centre d'Etudes et de Formation en Reiki (accredited by A.S.C.A.), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ph.D.: Politeness Issues in Natural Language Generation, University of Manchester, UK (UMIST)
  • M.Sc. in Machine Translation, University of Manchester, UK (UMIST)
  • Ptychion (BA) in English Language and Literature, University of Athens, Greece, School of Philosophy.

Training and Seminars

  • Coaching Teams, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Equicoaching on Presence, Leadership and Intuition, Areion Professional Coaching with Horses
  • Intuition: Making Strategic Decisions, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Intuition: Discover your Personal Myth, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Coaching and Consciousness, Wakan School of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Basics of Chinese Acupuncture, Centre d'Études et de Formation en Reiki, Geneva, Switzerland.