Reduce sick leave and promote a more productive workforce with Reiki.

Are you facing performance issues with your staff due to emotional charge and stress?

In today's demanding, fast-pace working environment, employees multitask, are always connected and expected to answer calls and e-mails very fast. They have tight deadlines, attend back-to-back meetings, work with multicultural, virtual teams and travel around the world. They have to be creative, proactive, collaborative and at their top performance. Without forgetting that they also have a social life, family responsibilities and personal needs.

According to a report published in 2010 by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco - Sécretariat d'état à l' économie), in Switzerland up to 34.4% of Swiss workers say they often/very often face stress linking to health issues and burnout, comparing to 26.6% in 2000. Chronic stress and its effects on health such as depression, burnout, cardio-vascular and muscular-skeletal problems have led to higher absenteeism and lower productivity.

What is reiki and what are the benefits at work?

Traditional Reiki or Usui Reiki Ryoho is a Japanese technique for relaxation and revitalization.

Reiki as a complementary therapy and a nursing intervention is progressively being developed in different health services around the world in order to improve the patients' condition. Recent scientific research (in hospitals and universities in the US, UK, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia and Canada) shows that Reiki is an effective approach in: 

  • reducing stress, anxiety, depression and burnout
  • relieving physical tensions and pain (such as back pain, thus improving posture).

Regular reiki treatments help maintain a state of mental, physical, and emotional balance. Reiki:

  • calms emotions thus contributing to positive mood and improved interaction with others
  • facilitates falling asleep and waking up refreshed
  • enhances focus and decision-making.

A typical reiki session

Conducted in a quiet, dedicated space, a typical reiki session lasts from 30 to 90 minutes.

At the beginning of the session I take a few minutes to welcome you, explain the process and answer your questions. I listen carefully to your needs. I fill in a short consultation form to tailor my approach to your needs and to keep a record of our sessions. This is done with attention and care and in full confidentiality.

You then lie on the massage table fully dressed and may want to use a light blanket for comfort. Calming meditative music adds to the ambience of relaxation, unless you prefer complete silence. Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch. Hands may also be placed a few centimeters above the body and are held on standard positions designed to treat the body's energy centers. This is a cleansing, harmonizing and revitalizing process, giving emphasis on any problem areas detected or reported.

Reiki can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine principles. For example, if you are emotionally charged or experience lack of concentration or insomnia, during the last part of the session I may treat specific meridian points by applying light acupressure. If you wish, I may also show you how to apply acupressure yourself to release emotions, focus and sleep better.

At the end of the session, I give you water and ask you how the session was. I ensure that you are ready to go back to your daily tasks before you leave the room.


  1. The number of sessions needed are to be discussed with the employee
  2. Reiki does not replace a medical treatment or psychotherapy.

Are you ready to invest in your employees?

Provide relaxing and revitalizing reiki treatments to your employees as part of their employment package, or as an added benefit or service, to ensure a more energized, collaborative and productive workforce. You can either:

  • agree on a part-time employment contract, or
  • contribute to 50% of the fees, with employees paying the remaining 50%, or
  • offer employees the opportunity for reiki treatments during office hours should they wish to pay for it. 

I offer mobile Reiki treatments at your workspace in Geneva area, Switzerland. Please contact me directly for package details and further information.

Reiki is a natural treatment which can be combined with coaching sessions as part of a holistic approach, looking after the mind, body and soul. However, combining the two isn't mandatory.