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Aaron John Hale, My Relationship Resources

"Katerina supported me to connect with my uniqueness using a very structured yet intuitive process. She was directive, yet patient and helped me to articulate who I am as a relationship coach. I highly recommend employing Katerina if you want to uncover your uniqueness." 

S.A., Empresaria, Ibiza

"Las sesiones con Katerina me han ayudado a ver la vida de otra forma, lo cual es de ayuda; un cambio de perspectiva suele ser la llave de muchos conflictos pero nuestra mente sujeta a tóxicas costumbres no es capaz por si sola. Es aquí que merece la pena ponerse en manos de un buen profesional. Recomiendo la escucha activa de Katerina, su falta de juicio y voluntad de dar y recibir. Gracias, Katerina."

Michael Apazoglou, 36 years old, Mechanical Project Engineer, Athens, Greece

"I met Katerina after a strong work burn-out and a heart breaking break-up. At that period it was truly difficult for me to even cross the street to go to the neighbourhood's grocery. Within 3 months' sessions with Katerina we achieved not only to restore my self-esteem and inner peace, but also to claim back my happiness and set up my own goals. I was able to see my real value and move on with my life. I am changing work environment and adapting many hobbies and activities in my daily routine. I feel more connected to myself and my needs than ever and I am looking at the future with lots of confidence. My one-year plan has been set up and I am ready to project a happy and fulfilling life. I am really happy and lucky that Katerina showed up in my life when most needed. I got valuable support and lessons plus a lot of tools to work with. Keep up the good work Katerina."

K.M., 35 years old, with two young kids, Customer Service Representative, Geneva, Switzerland

"Recently I had several sessions with Katerina, who helped me very much find the right way to bring more balance between my personal and professional life. With two young kids, no additional help and a full-time intensive job, it was difficult to find time for myself. I was stressed, nervous and very tired every evening. Thanks to the sessions with Katerina, I learned to give priorities to what I like, to also think about myself, to spend time on activities I enjoy, such as reading before sleeping and meditating. When I felt I was on the right path, I even took the decision to change my job and find a part-time activity, which will bring more balance, satisfaction and happiness to my life. I really enjoyed the precious time I spent with Katerina!"

Ekaterina, London, U.K.

"Having mentoring sessions with Katerina was an amazing experience - she is a friend, mentor, listener, and has this powerful presence of light encouraging and supporting."

Floribeth González, Costa Rica

"Mi experiencia con Katerina como mentora fue muy enriquecedora, aprendí a escucharme a mí misma, a empoderarme como mujer profesional, a tener una visión más amplia para mi futuro. Además me ayudó a comprender y desarrollar mis habilidades como lidereza y a adoptar una serie de cambios y hábitos positivos. Con ella mi desarrollo en el último año fue increíble y ahora soy una joven más segura, más fuerte y una mejor profesional. También debo decir que ella fue muy amable y flexible con los horarios de las sesiones y que siempre me escuchó y atendió cuando lo necesité. Ella es de las mentoras que corren la milla extra y se comprometen al máximo."