How are you feeling today?


I got a message from a friend yesterday saying, "It's been an emotionally charged day today".

And I picked up the phone. I heard a million Sorries for all the crying and sobbing. And I replied a million times, no need to say Sorry.

When we went to school we were formatted to listen to our brain, decide with our brain, let our brain rule our world.

We forget we have emotions. Their manifestations through our body are not important. We don't know how to express them with words. When we suffer and we want to cry, we shouldn't, because - especially in business, it is very inappropriate. Because it is a sign of weakness, it is a lack of professionalism.

And then at some point in our lives we decide to get rid of our formatting and to re-program ourselves. And listen to our emotions. And accept them. And put them into words. And let them circulate in our body. And we dare to express how we feel - verbally. Or through painting, writing, dancing... And when we do that, we are relieved and we can move on with whatever it is we want to do.

Listening to our emotions, accepting them and expressing them is not a weakness, it is a strength.

When was the last time you were emotionally charged? 

How did your emotions manifest in your body? 

What did you do?