What happens when you connect?


If anyone told me two days ago that I was going to start a blog today, I would laugh very loud - and go hide.

What has changed since two days ago? Did I do a crash course in writing? Did I all of a sudden turn into a daring woman who has loads to say? Did I decide I have tons of free time to express myself? No, no and no.

Yesterday It was a lovely, sunny day. I wore my nice hat, took a notebook and a pen and went out in a field and sat under a tree. Let's breathe deeply, connect with Mother Nature and see what happens.

And something did happen. The pen just kept going, and going... and it felt good. And I felt free. No, I'm not a writer and will never be. It is not my intention.

My intention is to connect - with myself and with the beings around me. Listen. Observe. Be present. Then there is flow inside me and around me. Wonderful things happen.

When was the last time you went out in nature and you were connected with yourself and with your surroundings, fully present? What happened?